Apply "where to find" links to whole series

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I’m not sure if there are other sites like this, but Ridibooks usually has a series page for purchasing ebooks with multiple volumes, rather than separate pages for each volume.

Rather than having to manually add the URL to each Natively page, it would be useful to have an option which would allow you to add a single link to the whole series (possibly restricted to certain sites that are known to display series this way, like Ridi).

Perhaps the auto-generating behaviour for Ridibooks could be modified, too?

For an example, 쇼콜라 Chocolat 1 | L22 and its series page, 쇼콜라 - 만화 e북 - 리디 (I added the URL manually to volume 1, the other volumes don’t have Ridi links).

Trello link:

It would also be useful to be able to link series to where to buy physical sets of the whole thing, instead of relying only on links to individual volumes on book pages. Those would probably have to be added by users manually instead of being auto-filled, but having the option would be nice.


Amazon does (when the series is set up properly), so at least on the Japanese side it’s definitely possible.


A link to the Amazon series page might be useful to have on the Natively series page, and I think @gillianfaith’s idea for buying physical sets would probably also belong there.

The point I was making about Ridibooks is that (unlike Amazon) there are no individual pages for buying volumes, so you have no choice but to buy from the series page - all the individual volumes on Natively will link to the Ridibooks series page. I’m sure people clicking through from a Natively volume to Amazon will want the individual volume rather than Amazon’s series page.