Autoformat Natively URLs in reviews

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I was writing a book review on Natively, and wanted to link to a different book by the author, so I pasted in the Natively url of that other book. I was hoping that it would autoformat it to provide the title text, the way the forum does, but it just comes out as the unadorned URL. (The review in question is this one.)

Could the review editing widget be made to know about and autoformat Natively URLs similar to the forum handling of them?

Trello link:

Really? pm215's review of 私小説―from left to right | Natively … I got it to work :confused:

I think this is just a case of spottiness with this title formatter, ugh. Do other people have this issue?

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To be clear, I don’t mean putting the url of the review in a forum post, I mean putting a URL in the review text itself. The last line of that review still appears as a plain URL for me. Here’s a a screenshot:


oh my goodness… yes I totally misread that :sweat_smile:

That makes sense. I’m not sure how trivial that is to do, but approved!