Being able to display tags retrieved from MAL/AniList/TMDB for mangas, LN and anime

This morning I was browsing on the website trying to find an Isekai anime to watch, however, I noticed that when filtering using the “Isekai” tag, there was only 17 results despite it being a fairly popular genre. However, when browsing with less popular tags, there are often no results with videos and sometimes less than 5 for books.
Unfortunately, Natively isn’t popular enough yet for most tags to be reliable, this is why I think it would be a good idea to add an option for the user to “mix” Natively tags with MAL/AniList/TMDB tags when those are available and that the book/video is linked to those pages.

I thought Anilist tags had been imported when the feature was first introduced?

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I think they were too, at least as a one-time thing; I’m not sure if that same process runs every time a book/video is added. Which makes me wonder if tag search is bugged up?