Book Edition Handling

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Better handling for book editions, including:

  • surface book editions on book page
  • allow users to specify a book edition they’re reading
  • allow community admins to add book editions / edit book editions & merge books
  • allow a separate series to be an edition of another series (like a manga rerelease with different number of volumes). The separate series would in fact be a full-fledged separate series, but the grading would be locked together.

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Realized we didn’t have an official feature request for this. This is a relatively painful data issue, especially with regards to the last bullet point on separate series.

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I’d like to add that I think it’s important to be able to add multiple editions to your list at once.

What about when one edition has full furigana or is slightly different, like キノの旅?


Hmm, interesting. Can I get a use case for that?

I think anything that is different enough to warrant different grading, should just be separate entirely. You could add a ‘relation’ a la anilist when that featue is added.


Relatedly, allow a series to be an edition of something that isn’t a series. At the moment Natively handles books that are published in several parts as a “series”, so if a book is published in both “single volume” and “two volume” formats you need an edition link between a single book and a series.

(Or we could represent multi volume books differently from series – at the moment we lose a level of detail there, so for instance 【電子百鬼夜行】 (series) | L40 is definitely a series, but some of the books in it come in two-volume editions, and because we use “series” for the series we don’t have any way to represent that volumes 1 and 2 of a particular book in the series go together.)

Actually that series 【電子百鬼夜行】 (series) | L40 is probably a good test case for the edition handling – it has a bunch of different editions of the same books in the series, with different choices of volume splits, some of which are ebook only and some paper book only, so at the moment the display of it is super confusing.


Yeah this is complicated, agreed. However, I think I’d just handle that as separate series for the two volume editions. So, I’d probably list all the single volumes in the series and then for each two-volume edition, i’d make a separate series and link it to the corresponding single-volume edition. :thinking:

I know that’d make it hard to track how far you are in the actual series, but I think it’s better than trying to add multi-layered / super complicated edition setups. At least at first glance that’s my intuition.

These are good concerns to raise and I will keep that series in mind.


If I’m reading @seanblue’s ask right, a good use case would be owning several different formats of the same manga, say the OG, the bunkoban version, and a full color version. Their levels would not be different, but it’s valid to own all three different ones.


I’ve read ご注文はうさぎですか and own the masterpiece edition called ご注文はうさぎですか Complete Blend, which I plan to read at some point in the future. As I’ve mentioned before, without this I’d still have to use Bookmeter to track that I own the masterpiece edition.


Additional use case of allowing multiple editions in one’s library: I own both the tankoubon and bunkobon editions of 2.43. 1.) I doubt I’m going to be limiting myself to rereading just the bunko (not least because I’m curious how much has been changed for the bunko), and 2.) I’m likely going to read the tankoubon of the final arc rather than waiting two years for it to get bunko-fied first, and then there’s a good possibility I’ll read the bunko soon after getting them