Book Off in Paris?

I am heading to Paris next week and I saw that they have Book off in three locations! However the google review for one indicated there was only a small foreign language section. Has anyone been to the Book Offs in Paris, or know of any other shops that sell Japanese books?

Last time I was in Paris (like 5-10 years ago) they didn’t have any, but I heard that they started selling Japanese books again.

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You should certainly visit Junku!
It’s a large store next to the Pyramides metro station. Last time I visited (~5 years ago, it’s already been that long…) they had books, novels, manga and all kind of different Japanese media.


Incredible, thank you!

Update: I went to both Book Off (Quatre Septembre) and Junku! They are actually a short walk from each other. Book Off had some great bargains, Japanese books from 1 euro - I bought three which were 3.50 each. @snowwater thank you for suggesting Junku, it was an incredible place! I have never seen so many Japanese books in one place :heart_eyes: of course I bought one there too :grin: