Book Providers Megathread (Official Management)

@CatDQ we’re in business! Now just have to wait until Amazon UK gets back to us with API approval (can be a few weeks)

@cat still nothing on rakuten.


Awesome :sunglasses: glad it worked. I’ll hold off on any further orders gor the moment and once it’s active I’ll get more (I don’t need anything urgently for the moment anyway).


Here’s the provider I’ve used for most of my physical purchases to date. I searched my local country specific subreddit and this is the one that people recommended when I was buying my first text books, and they worked out pretty well so I’ve used them since. It does mean I don’t have a lot of other stores to compare to, other than buying books in general off Amazon UK pre-Brexit and Amazon DE post-Brexit.


They’re an EU based provider that has a decent selection. They ship from Spain and have the option of standard shipping with delivery times depending on your local postal provider or express delivery with DHL Express (which at least here in Ireland means 2-day shipping, which is quite good).

The price is higher than the Japan based stores, but since it’s shipped from within the EU, you don’t need to deal with customs/VAT charges which can be a headache and delay shipping. It comes in a bit cheaper than Amazon DE charges for english translated manga. And the selection of Japanese language manga is certainly better than Amazon DE.

To my knowledge, you can also order to outside the EU from them, but I’m not sure why you would.


Lucky for me I have a lengthy wishlist and some of the books are cheap so I can do some experiments.

I bought 脳男 | L30?? and did two things this time:

  1. I turned off my ad block on the page (which also blocks a variety of other things - uBlock Origin for reference)
  2. I switched to the ebook, then appended the affiliate looking piece of the url that had been stripped.

I didn’t disable uBlock entirely, so it did turn back on by itself at some point (I think when I navigated to the payment page, but sadly hadn’t been watching) so that taints things a bit, but I suppose from this experiment:

  • If the commission comes through, it is probably either uBlock or the affiliate piece of the URL
  • If the commission does not come through it is either uBlock needs to be disabled through the whole transaction or Rakuten’s affiliate tracking kinda sucks

For reference, 脳男 was 880円


Thanks, added! It won’t be auto populated, but it’s an option now when adding your urls.

Thank you for investigating :female_detective:. We will wait and see!


Could Books on Korea be added? :slightly_smiling_face:



An audiobook subscription service offering content in several languages.

Subscription: An “unlimited” monthly subscription, you can stream (and read) as much as you want.

Access: Although you can browse the available titles online when logged in, streaming is only available using the app, available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app also allows audiobooks and ebooks to be saved for offline listening/reading.

Products: Although primarily an audiobook service, a selection of ebooks is also available. Unlike Audible, there’s no option to purchase individual items.

Language: During the sign-up process, you are required to select the language you want to listen to audiobooks in. If you choose Korean, you will also be able to listen to a number of English and Chinese audiobooks.

Restrictions: The site is available in 25+ countries; some audiobooks may not be available depending on your region.

Payment: International cards accepted.



@Biblio unfortunately, even with the 3 sales, rejected our application, citing that are links did not have our associate tags… which is obviously not right because your sales registered! And you can see them in the url… very, very frustrating.

Their process now requires us to simply reapply, which requires another 3 sales :man_facepalming:

I’ve put more instructions in the application so hopefully that helps. Perhaps with all the other amazon links they got confused… but that seems pretty silly! This hasn’t happened to me before.


@brandon here’s a blurb for Soseki Project for the providers list:

The Soseki Project aims to make the works of Natsume Sōseki more accessible to students of Japanese. It covers just a handful of the author’s works, but each text is split into sections, with native audio recordings, built-in hover-over dictionary lookups, and a study guide with rough translations you can use to check your understanding of each passage. No signup is necessary; everything is freely available.


@brandon Did this ever come through?

I just bought another book for 440円 (夏と花火と私の死体 | L27)* and completely disabled my ad block at the browser level this time.

*For the Halloween book club on WK if anyone is interested in joining


no, but we did get some sales :joy:. One for 605 yen on 9/19 and one for 5000 on 9/20?

If that wasn’t you, what the heck.

605 - 天久鷹央の推理カルテ
5000 - Rakuten Travel (someone booked a trip??)


天久鷹央の推理カルテ was me, I bought that but did the exact same ‘turn off ad block at browser level’. Trip was not me :thinking: But congrats on the large purchase! And yay, turning off ad block at least somewhat seems to work?! I wonder what I did differently between the two times…




Disclaimer: Natively doesn’t take responsibility on bookings created with mistakes due to the language barrier and your skill issues.


What the heck. Well, keep letting me know when you buy. Perhaps it’s active now and it wasn’t before? Suspicious that’s it because we’ve gotten two in the past two days.

I doubt that ad block would be doing it, but perhaps.

It does seem like I got 1% from it. Please book all your future Japan travel through Natively :joy: :joy:

On another note - I think it was you @Megumin who linked the cdjapan affiliate program?? Amazing work. It’s bringing in even more affiliate revenue than so far this month!

Really should get neowing going…


Glad it’s working out nicely!

I had something else in mind with other providers, I still have to do some research and send you a suggestion your way eventually.


I just purchased medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠 | L33 for the upcoming club (already owned the audiobook, but not the text).

I did this with the usual ad block off + reattach the dropped affiliate tracker, but next time I’m buying a cheap book will try without those and see what happens.


Success! :slight_smile:


Upon further review, it does not seem that neowing allows overseas corporations to participate in their affiliate program. So, only CDJapan for now :confused:


@brandon hopefully final test: I purchased 天久鷹央の推理カルテII: ファントムの病棟 | L35 for 649円, but this time I did not turn off my ad block and I didn’t fiddle with the URL. If this works then your theory that it just wasn’t on and tracking before would seem to be true.


I just bought a kindle ebook and I have something I need to order for work next week through our business account, so that should bring us up to 3… probably. maybe? :thinking: I am keeping fingers crossed. DE probably won’t be a huge loss if it doesn’t work, but still… would be nice to know I can take some of the amazon money and give it to a better cause. :sweat_smile: