Book Recommendations for Female Protagonist Shoujo Romance Series (+1 if Fantasy)

Hi all, I’m starting to get into book-books (no pictures like in manga :melting_face:) and was curious if anyone could help point me in the right direction! My favorite genre is fantasy romance, and I have the following books on my to-read list:

Good Witch of the West
Kikis Delivery Service
Kakuriyo, Bed and Breakfast for Spirits
Night Cafe

but I’m open to reading other books with female protagonists and some romance level. I like books to have a main plot that isn’t solely romance-focused, with strong character growth (and broody emo male leads are also a plus).

My favorite manga is Gakuen Alice, Anonymous Noise, Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and im level 48 on WK and N3 grammar (I don’t need a level appropriate book though)



Let’s see… Unfortunately I haven’t read most of these, and they don’t fill all your criteria, but I’m fairly certain they should fulfill some of them, and they could be something to check into.

The “villainess” trope is popular nowadays, most if not all of them also being fantasy, so you can certainly find plenty of that if it’s your jam.


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I can wholeheartedly recommend 獣の奏者 獣の奏者 | L34 to you - it’s a series of 5 books but the first two form an arc and you can safely stop there (I did that tbh). It’s medieval-style fantasy with beasts and horseriding and stuff like that, it has a female protag with extremely strong character growth, and there is some romance but only later. The author is strong on politics so you will get your daily dose of which kingdom has issues with which other kingdom and stuff, and that’s a bit thick, but it all serves the plot so it makes sense in the end. :innocent:
Plus, we read it in a book club on WK, so you can go back and check the threads (and even ask questions if you like)!


If you’re fine with manga, 暁のヨナ | L29 and 赤髪の白雪姫 | L26 both fit this perfectly. Edit: there is also a novel for AkaYona, tho I haven’t read it: 小説・暁のヨナ 同じ月の下で | L30??

If you’re up for yuri, then 転生王女と天才令嬢の魔法革命 | L33 - but may not be satisfying if you really want a shoujo vibe. I’m reading the manga rn and really enjoying it!

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It seems like they’re looking for non-manga; at least, that was how I read the OP.

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slow burn romance (but it’s clear they will from the start); politics; magic; I feel like Fruits Basket has similar vibes:

This is more comedy than anything but it’s fantasy. Not sure if there will be romance in later volumes but I had fun with the first volume:

Since the series you listed have a lot of SOL elements, the following could be up your alley, too, although not fantasy:


You’re right… I updated my comment, so now there’s two novel recs. Left the manga ones there tho, in case someone else comes along and finds them useful.

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I don’t know how to reply to that without spoilers.
At the very least, I can say that the book starts with the main character being 5 and that there’s no romance while she is a kid.
It’s one of my favorite series ever, though, so I will recommend it too, though.

Also recommended. That’s a more typical romance with strong fantasy elements.

I’m also going to add my own recommendation (although the series seems to be on hiatus; there hasn’t been a new volume in a while :cry:)

Strong female protagonist, great love interest, intriguing fantasy world. On the down side, it’s a harder read, so it may be frustrating for someone who just started reading novels/light novels

Oh, that’s another series I really like!

Romance is kinda skipped, though, but it’s a great series otherwise (it’s also a challenging read)


I liked 狐笛のかなた | L30 (same author, 4 WK levels lower) - fantasy, female protagonist, not romance as such.


There are some card captor sakura novels that are very easy to read, maybe you would like to try those? Since you already know the plot this should aid you on reading, too! I don’t how if they’re good, though.

Here is one of the clear card novels, but all of the arcs have novels apparently:


Oh true, I totally forgot! I liked the other one better because the plot was more intricate, but of course also harder to read and digest. 狐笛のかなた | L30 feels more geared towards slightly younger readers, but this is not necessarily a bad thing for language learners. Plus, it is much shorter and as such more rewarding. And: There is also a book club for it on WK :grin: