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I think it would be useful to group book types in browse so you can select multiple options at the same time, for example under ‘fiction’ and ‘learning materials’:

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I like the idea in concept, but your example doesn’t quite work. While probably rare, I expect there is manga or children’s books (at least) that aren’t fiction.

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Doesn’t Natively already insist that a book has exactly one type, though (so you have to choose whether to call it manga or non fiction, you can’t pick both)?


I mean, you could argue over the minutiae (should graded readers be split into fiction and non-fiction? what about novels based on true stories? or those that are mislabelled?) but if you’re looking for nonfiction there’s the nonfiction book type as well as tags, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to class the other book types as fiction considering 99% of what’s included probably is fiction. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah didn’t really think about that.


Well, I have several of them.

Edit: The label “manga” says nothing about its contents. It’s a means to transport that contents. It’s much the same as labels like VN, movie, or “book with mainly text”…and the same contents can appear in several types of these media.