Books in Wrong Language

So… I ordered several books from a while ago, some manga and some LNs, and they all arrived a couple weeks ago in great condition, but I just realized, as I was taking off the shrinkwrap and opening up the book to read it, that the copies of シャドーハウス 2 & 3 that I received are actually in Chinese! (It was a wtf moment). I don’t know if they made a mistake or I made a mistake.
I’m curious to hear ideas on what to do with these books. I always think returning stuff is a hassle, and I’d hate to waste these books.
What would you do?
シャドーハウス 2
シャドーハウス 3


Same thing happened to me with ordering Alice in Wonderland years ago. It was a Japanese edition… In English. It had footnotes in Japanese explaining the tricky English bits but was not at all what I wanted /needed.

I donated it a “Little Free library” which is a type of free, community outdoor library that is common where I live in America (unsure of where all of them are, but there is a map online from the organization I think).
That said, perhaps your local library would like new editions of Chinese books? Foreign language books tend to cost more, so they may be happy for the donation!


I like it! I’ll see if they accept the books.

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