Bug: Adding a session via the Data Manager doesn't show on book progress bar

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I forgot to add some pages I read last night, so I added them this morning via the Data Manager. Now that I added that session, though, the pages don’t show up on the book’s progress bar on my dashboard:

I’m wondering if it’s related to the fact that Natively probably things I read those pages, then started the book. I marked the book as Started from the book’s page, which attaches the current timestamp to that status update, but adding a session via Data Manager doesn’t, so Natively thinks that I read those pages at 12:00 am 9/20 but started the book at, like, 20:00 or whenever I marked it last night.

Going to the regular Progress Update pop-up also doesn’t reflect the pages read:

Could be unrelated, but was just a thought.

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Posting to confirm this issue is still happening - in my case, two separate sessions for ゆびさきと恋々 1 | L20 failed to update book progress on the dashboard.

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Approved… maybe this’ll get done when rewatches happen. Not a huge issue i don’t think :slight_smile:

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