Bug: Adding to custom list prompts new (but wrong) event in feed

I recently requested a lot of books, defaulting them to my wish list (thanks Brandon!) and all were 江戸川乱歩賞 winners. They were added on Feb 1. Just now (Feb 2) I went through my wish list and added then to my custom list so they’re easy for me to find later.

When I returned to the home page, I saw I had flooded the feed with ‘new’ events of adding things to my wish list (despite them already being wish listed):



I’ve noticed this as well; it’s pretty annoying.


Yeah - it never annoyed me enough to say anything, but it sure is weird.

At least I’m making clear that I really want to read 棺担ぎのクロ。~懐中旅話~ 1 | L24 :


When creating a bug report, do so in the #natively:product-requests category.

The 4 likes you had in the opening topic, didn’t translate into votes because it was not in the subcategory.

In any case!, I went ahead and moved it and raised it for review.

Also going back to topic, I think this also happens if you update something else, like adding a custom note, it makes it resurface.


Apologies on the delay! Approved, I should look at this.


@brandon Wanted to bump this since I was going to make a product request if one didn’t exist. Every time I think of a helpful custom list, I’m put off making one due to the thought of spamming everyone’s update feed with me adding/removing/wait-it-actually-should-be-here book rearranging. Setting my profile to private doesn’t permanently hide updates; as soon as I go public again those status updates appear in the feed.

Also wanted to clarify that

doesn’t happen (or no longer happens, not sure if that had had to be fixed) thankfully.


Still happens:

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Ah, really? For the record, that doesn’t happen to me; I checked one book I have a ton of notes for (FLESH & BLOOD 11 | L33), but I don’t see any duplicated Owned or Finished statuses, and I know I haven’t hidden them.

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Have you updated the notes at the same time you marked it as owned, or was a separated update to add the note?

The problem is I mark them as Owned, then I put a note inside them after for my reference.

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Separate updates for all of them! I finished the book, then added each note separately after the fact.

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Maybe it doesn’t happen when it’s Finished then…
Only when in Reading/Owned status.

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Same :sob: I want to redo my custom lists but I don’t want to clutter the feed.

I’ve noticed it doesn’t happen when the book is Finished or Reading. It’s just with Wishlist, Owned, and Stopped.