Bug: Adding total pages number changes finished activity time

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This just happened to me twice in a row. I added some books, and they didn’t have a total pages number automatically added (one because Yes24 didn’t have one either, and the other one idk why). These were books I’d already added as finished while requesting. When adding the total pages number, and changing pages read to total page number, the finished activity moved to the beginning of the day.

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Not just page numbers, but editing any data it seems will cause this, even if it’s got nothing to do with the completed-at time. This is why I always try to remember to add custom tags to stuff before I mark it finished instead of the other way around. It’s not a big deal when backdating things, but it’s somewhat annoying when it’s something I’ve just finished. It also looks a little weird when it displays that I’ve finished a show before watching one or more of the episodes, when the show/season and its final episode should be completed simultaneously. (I’ll just have to remember to tag before marking the final ep watched, but I shouldn’t have to do that if I want activities to display in the right order, is the thing. Time data should be left alone unless it’s specifically edited.)