Bug: Amazon link to the wrong book

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I’ve noticed that for some books the amazon link is to the wrong book. It’s also very strange, because most often they are history books in French for some reason. And I live in France, so maybe that’s why it’s in French, but it still doesn’t explain why they aren’t linked to the right book.

A couple examples:

Trello link:

I can confirm the first one (haven’t tried the rest). It’s very weird. I wonder if some info got cut.

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They have the same ISBN-10. I guess if the ISBN-13 isn’t found (as is the case with the books you’ve mentioned), the ISBN-10 is searched instead. The problem is some books have the same ISBN-10s, so you get the wrong book linked. :upside_down_face:


Maybe having a check to do (at least partial) match of the title before linking it would be good to avoid more wrong entries as languages get added, as this is bound to happen more frequently with the expansion…