Bug: Can't change episode status if series is not set as 'watching'

Description of your request or bug report:

Currently if you have a TV show that is not in ‘watching’ status, if you try to mark specific episodes as ‘watching’ or ‘finished’ from the overview page, it will say that the status was successfully changed, but on page refresh the episode status is reset to ‘not watching’.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to a show’s season page (I was trying this on 極主夫道 S1 | L25)
  • Make sure the show status is unset or on wish list.
  • Mark an episode as ‘watching/finished’ through the episode dropdown menu. It should say the status is updated.
  • Refresh the page and look at that episode again. It should be set to ‘not watching’.

I’m not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug – if the user is not supposed to be able to update the episode status unless they’re ‘watching’ the season, then I would expect either: 1) the dropdown menu to be invisible until the season status is updated, or 2) changing an episode status should automatically move the season to ‘watching’.

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