Bug: Dashboard extra gradings doesn't accept final skip

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Sometimes extra gradings appear on the dashboard, and if you skip the last comparison it gives you, it doesn’t take, and it remains as an extra grading. However, if you grade them against each other, it still works as normal, as do skips on any comparison before the last. It’s only if you skip the final one that the grading isn’t accepted.

This has happened twice to me recently, and I feel like it’s happened before, too. The first time was よつばと! [manga] vs さいとう市立さいとう高校野球部 [LN]. I eventually caved and graded it and it went away. (I only very rarely feel I’m accurately able to grade manga and novels against each other, so the majority of such comparisons I skip.) The second was 舞台に咲け! [manga] vs あん [novel]. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the skip to take, I just left it, and 10 hours later it had changed to ステージ・オブ・ザ・グラウンド [LN] vs あん [novel], which I was actually able to grade.

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It just did it with normal grading (accessed from the dashboard) for とんがり帽子のアトリエ vs 僕らの食卓. So far it hasn’t happened for extra grading accessed from a book’s page. But I don’t do that very often, or access grading from the menu very often either, so maybe I should, see if it is just from the dash or not

Hmm interesting. I’ll approve. Anyone else confirm?

I just did some extra gradings, I could skip just fine, granted it was on the TV side.


This was on Firefox, latest version, Desktop.

@NihongoLearner19 has had it happen too; they mentioned it in the casual discussion thread:

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By any chance you can disclose what browser, and if you are able to reproduce it again, take a screenshot of the console log?

It might help @brandon pin-point the bug faster.

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It’s happened on both my laptop (Brave v 1.58.127) and my phone (Safari, iOS 16.6)

I don’t know how to access the console log on either


Before I move forward creating the card, since nobody else reported being able to reproduce, does this still happen in the updated Brave (v1.60.110) and Safari (v17) versions?

It hasn’t happened since then. I haven’t updated my OS, and I’ll have to double-check later but I think Brave updates automatically and is on the current version (update: it is).


Alright, let’s go ahead and close this one then :slight_smile:

If it occurs again we can reopen.