Bug: Data manager quirks (percentage tracking, incorrect updating etc)

Just reproducing my post on the data manager as a bug report for tracking purposes

Trello link: [blank]

I have a problem may be with this data manager, the problem is it’s not tracking my days read. I don’t know why?

Have been updating one or two pages at least twice this week and it hasn’t made a difference.

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Moving this to the correct category.


Did you manually click the dates on the calendar to mark them read? Updating pages read doesn’t automatically mark that date read on the calendar.

There’s an open product request for just that function here


Thank you, I have made a vote on it.
Hopefully you guys don’t mind this being sorta in the wrong section, are browse deeply next time before I submit a problem.

I have one question though, do you guys actually time reading sessions? The data looks meaningful, just curious.

/edit. Updating the page numbers read still updates data manager with the dates when inputted, just doesn’t update the day as read? So bazar!

I’m adding onto this bug: if I try to modify a book with no starting date from the data manager screen, it takes me to a blank Natively screen instead.

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Approved. Not sure when i’ll get to this, but will definitely address when we reach the rewatching branch as that will be focusing on the data manager.


I have a question and couldn’t find anywhere else to put it; inside data-manager the part where you write in you’re pages read, why not give an option to list the pages read as a percentage. So I could put 95% out of 100% including decimals (95.45) as well, since the reader I’m using right now doesn’t really list pages, a bit of an inconvenience.
Love to hear you’re thoughts.