Bug: Duplicate Tags

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I noticed that there are duplicate tags for Anna, Berlin: Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Leseheft (Hueber Lese-Novelas) | L5??.


This only applies to the first book in the series - the tags for the rest of the volumes look like this:

download (1)

I think it’s due to tags being added before and after the rest of the series populates:

add new book > add tags > series populates > add series tags

So the first volume ends up with duplicates. I think it could be dealt with by:

  • disallowing duplicate tags (not only restricted to the situation above; any volume that’s individually tagged will have the same problem if the tag is subsequently added to the whole series)
  • apply-to-series tags being automatically added to any new volumes (populating/syncing/manually added)

(Apologies if this has been mentioned before - I thought I remembered someone pointing it out, but I couldn’t find a bug report.)

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