Bug: Finished book not showing in activity feed

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DOUBLES!!④ , the book I finished yesterday, is showing up in my recently read and in my library as finished, and the top of the book page does show that I have it set as finished and with the correct date, but it’s not in activity anywhere. I don’t have it hidden, and I have it set to show my own hidden activity anyway.

What I usually did before, to avoid having a book I’d just finished have the completion time set at 00:00 that day (not a big deal when I’m backdating, but I’d like current books to show up in the right spot in the activity feed, y’know?), was open up the additional options and add it to any custom lists (now tags), then close it and mark it as finished from the button. That’s what I did here too, and I don’t know if the order I did this in caused it to not show up in activity, if I should have marked it finished and then tagged it, or if it’s that I added custom tags at all.


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I’ve had that bug too recently. @brandon mentioned it may be due to the way he fixed another bug that was showing the same activity twice. So we went from 2 to 0 :crazy_face:


I have a similar problem: I started watching a new series (愚かな天使は悪魔と踊る S1 | L25??) but that does not appear in the activity list of that series.

Edit: Same here 私の百合はお仕事です! S1 | L24.

@brandon: Maybe there is some time difference between when I mark something as watching and when it appears in the activity list.

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I’ve been scrolling the activity feed (well, restricted to people I follow but still) and it’s really funny to not see a single “finished” in there :joy:


Yeah, i should really fix this bug today … :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Finished books now show up in activity, but those books that were finished during the bug still don’t have their activity restored.


OK! So, this bug should now be fixed moving forward. Let me know if that’s not the case. Sorry it’s taken a while, but it’s a bit of a nasty one and I didn’t want to do another whack-a-mole… i’m hopeful here this squashes the issue.

Heh, they were showing up in activities… sometimes. It depended on how you logged them. Now they should be always working though.

As for fixing past activities, i’ll try to get to it in the next few days, but it’s slightly lower priority. The actual data is all accurate, just some activities are missing.


So this isn’t quite the same bug, but the root cause from what it sounds like is related (and I’m pretty sure the original bug is closed). I added a book to owned, added a second book to owned, then went back to the first book and saw that adding the tag seemed to generate another “Owned” activity update:


Yup, that looks like we’re back to the original bug, then. There’s a small window where you can add tags and it wouldn’t generate a new activity (I believe the same as where you can change the status and it’ll overwrite the activity rather than generate another, though I still don’t know how long that is, other than apparently less than 10 min)

But the one this thread is for does seem to be fixed. I just finished 天気の子, so I tagged it then marked it Finished, and it’s displaying as expected. (Forgot to tag 2.43 yesterday, so I did that too and it got pushed down to the beginning of the day, which is a little annoying but also expected.)


Sometimes, you just want to cry :joy: :melting_face:

It really should be fixed but I guess it’s not. @enbyboiwonder is right that there’s a little window we look at to see if there’s another identical activity. For non-finished/in progress statutes, we used to have it look at the last modified date for an activity, which led to the custom tags bug. We now should be looking for the last status change, not modified at.

But it looks like it’s still failing, will investigate.


Would it also be possible to make it so that editing data that isn’t related to the time (e.g. adding tags) leaves the time of the activity alone instead of changing it to 00:00 that day? No big deal if not, but it is a little weird to see things knocked out of order


Ok… I think I fixed this… but I’m really not terribly confident, even after spending hours on it.

We’ll see. Please tell me if you see funky things…


I just did some gradings, which are on the books’ pages (바보 동자 and 내 모습 그대로), but not on the activity feed.

Edit: I can’t see any activity for my review of 바보 동자 either.


Gradings showing up in activity or not has been spotty for me for a while… months, I think (I don’t remember). But Brandon did something with grading a while back, and then when gradings no longer showed up in activity, I figured that was intended behavior… but then I’ve randomly had a few still show up. I ended up hiding them even though I never used to since I’d rather it be all or none.

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I’m pretty sure that some bug happened, because last grading activity across all languages goes back to 12 hours ago, and the last review activity was 14 hours ago. So it seems that no gradings or reviews have been showing up in activity for anyone.

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I have been seeing reviews in my following list, at least. I’m not sure if all the reviews have been showing, but some have at least. I think I saw a spate of ratings a few days ago as well, but it’s been rare.


I did some grading and wrote a comment today (though not enough to call it a review). Both did not appear in the activity list of that movie.

Edit: But the finished message did appear in the activity list this time.

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So you all are correct. My asynchronous processing server went down for some reason … it’s been spotty the past week or so, not entirely sure why. All the activities that you are mentioning are processed asynchronously (i.e. a minute or two after you do that activity).

However, I think they should now be good?


today a review again did not show in the activity lists - neither in the general one, nor in the one of the book.

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My async processing server is going down every night now, ugh. Thanks for the note. You should see it now.