Bug: graded reader series in several languages

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In Natively Spanish, there’s a graded reader series that contains books translated in multiple languages (Italian, German, English and French), not just Spanish. Grading also needs to be separated between the different books, as levels vary (from A1 to B2). Moreover, some books appear twice, as they are under the author of “graded reader”.

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I wonder how that happened. I added one of the books, adios enemigo, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t check the series option. :grimacing: Anyway, good catch.


whoops! Yeah, in my auto series creator I must not be filtering by language… so when it found a book with the same amazon id it grouped them together. Will fix!


@brandon Adding on to this, this is a similar bug: I added Essential Spanish Grammar: All The Grammar Really Needed For Speech And Comprehension (Dover Language Guides Essential Grammar) | L0, but definitely didn’t check the series box, since only the one book is a Spanish-language book. But the entire series ended up being added and shouldn’t have been.