Bug: Loading a non-learning language profile makes you stuck on that language on the dashboard

So I loaded this link from the discourse forums:


Now I’m stuck in KOR mode, and since I’ve disabled the language toggle, is not a simple dropdown.

I think loading a KOR profile or KOR content shouldn’t permanently change your display language.

To fix it, I have to re-enable the dropdown, select Japanese, and then disable it again.

Trello link: (leave in blank)

It’s funny you used my profile, because I noticed this, too. :laughing:


…and now y’all are complaining that you don’t have the toggle even after you turn it off :roll_eyes:

So, you aren’t quite stuck there. You can hit the flag right above that warning to toggle, but I guess it doesn’t have the dropdown arrow does it.

Honestly, outside of that dropdown toggle, i’m not sure what else I’d want to do. I think if you go to a korean profile, the site should switch to Korean. As for when you’re on a profile toggling between languages, yeah I can see that use case being an exception.



I didn’t even notice I could toggle there :sweat_smile:


@brandon should I close this one as it’s just a simple visual thing to improve?

It’s probably not worth the trello card.

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Added the toggle there, so I think we can close :slight_smile:

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