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I sent a request to merge two copies of 日本を休もう 1巻 | L24??, which has been done; however, I went to check if it still appeared on a list, and got a server error page: https://learnnatively.com/list/85027dab77/.

If I go to “add to lists” from the item page, none of my lists are selected - I guess info is moved from the ‘old’ book to the ‘new’ book, and the ‘old’ one is deleted, but the list info isn’t currently transferred over, so the list now includes a deleted book.

I don’t request many merges, so I haven’t been able to check, but is there any other info that might be lost when merging? Things like custom tags, notes, ratings/reviews?

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Totally missed this-

So, I’ve put a lot of effort in to merge capabilities recently, but it is certainly complicated. The list items were pointing towards the deleted items which caused the errors. I’ve updated the process to account for list items now.

By far the most common error in merges that’s likely to happen is that something might be pointing at the old book id, rather than the new book id. Sometimes that might cause errors… but it’s a very easy fix. I record all the merges in the database so I know what ids were merged into other ids.

All the items you’re worried about are valid concerns, but they’re taken care of automatically and the process is well tested.

In summary, I’m pretty confident in the process and not too worried on bad outcomes happening. There just might be some broken functionality every once in a while which i’ll have to fix. So it is still prudent to be on the lookout! :slight_smile:

Closing this as it should be fixed…