Bug: More pages timed then read

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As the title says, I seem to have timed more pages than I’ve read of a book.

If I remember correctly, I started timing a few pages into the book and have done it since then, so it should definitely not be 100%.
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Since you have the profile private, I can not check it myself.

Provide for @brandon in which book it happened so he can review what’s going on when he gets the chance.

It’s on the book
Orange 1 (Light Novel)


Ah, as you can see there was one reading session where the ‘page ended’ did not match the ‘page started’ for the next reading session. As the # of timed pages is simply the sum of all the pages read during timed reading sessions, this lead to one extra page for the timed session.

The ‘pages read’ is simply your current page.

I’ve gone ahead and updated your reading session on 2022-09-26 to be from pages 112-115, which fixes the issue. If that’s not right, feel free to edit the reading sessions via the pencil on the right hand side.

I agree that there could be better handling here, but it does get to be a lot of logic and I probably won’t for the time being. I recommend we just close this request @Megumin rather than create a ticket.

Hope that helps @poseidon9850 and thanks for the ticket!!