Bug: Movie count is off

Don’t super get how to use the forum so apologies if I’ve done anything wrong! I had a look and couldn’t see anyone else mention this bug.

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My profile correctly states that I’ve watched four movies, but the stats on the Activity tab show one movie. For reference I’ve marked the new Ghibli film and a series of three movies as watched, so my guess would be that it’s not counting the series of movies, but not sure why.

The more detailed stats at user/jpn/stats shows the correct number of movies watched.



Edit: I decided to update my library after posting this to add all the musicals/stage plays I’ve watched that have DVD releases, it’s now saying that I’ve watched 8 movies while also having only watched one movie.

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Sorry for the delay @ruby! I’ll try to get to this tomorrow. You did everything right here, i’m the one who didn’t follow up :sweat_smile:

If I had to guess, there’s probably a bug here around movies where you watched zero minutes. Sometimes tmdb (our movie database) doesn’t have the minute information and so we could mark your total watch time as zero.

Not confident that’s the issue, but it does look like most of those movies have zero runtime. i’ll take a look tomorrow!

No worries! I had just noticed that other bug reports had the bug tag so I edited it to have the bug tag not knowing it would ping the post to the front of the forum haha.


Alright, so i’ve confirmed that this is an issue with the movie not having a runtime.

Ideally we’d count this as a ‘movie’ regardless of if there’s a runtime or not… but honestly we should be fixing these runtimes!

I’m not sure when i’ll fix this actual bug, but as far as fixing the runtimes, certainly can do if you submit ‘feedbacks’ for your movies.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Got it, thank you! It’s not too much of a worry for me, just something I noticed.

I’ll have to have a think about what the runtime of the musicals I submitted would even be, as they usually come with a lot of bonus footage, differing camera angles, etc, so the overall runtime would be very inflated if I totalled them all up.