Bug: Moving status from "Owned" to "Finished" on book search page/book detail page generates wrong activity update

Description of your request or bug report: When I mark a book Finished after marking it Owned on the book search page/book detail page, no “Finished” activity is generated on the update feed:

(Kind of tough to get screenshots of this, sorry.)

To be clear, I didn’t add any pages/progress updates. I marked the books as Owned first, hid the Dashboard update, realized I should have marked them as Finished, then went back to do that and then back to my dashboard to hide the Finished status updates, but couldn’t see anything (since I have my settings to not show hidden updates to myself).

Update: More info, with more careful testing. I marked a book as Owned on the book search screen, then immediately marked it as Finished without doing anything else, then went to my dashboard to see what statuses appeared, and only saw this:

So it looks like the Owned update got overwritten? I haven’t hidden it or anything.

Trello link: