Bug: Ongoing seasons being set to Finished, after available episodes are watched

Description of your request or bug report: Currently ongoing seasons with unaired episodes are set to Finished, when all available episodes have been watched. Previously (like when I was watching 鬼滅の刃 Swordsmith Village Arc) after finishing the latest episode, it would remain as Watching.

Current Example: ライザのアトリエ the future episode slots and dates are already present, through September. Even if I manually set it back to Watching, it just sets itself to Finished again.

Trello link:

I have the same problem with at least 6 series and am waiting to add more after the problem is fixed.
The reason is that the series - for whatever reason - do not get the “ongoing” flag set, I assume.

Right, I noticed that it shows the Season Status as finished. Seems like it shouldn’t be a particularly hard workaround, but who knows

Sorry about this you all! For some reason, I was forcing all new tv seasons added to be ‘finished’ regardless of their episode data. I unmarked this override, fixed the bug and recalculated the season statuses. It’s seemed to resolve the issues you all were encountering, but let me know!

Do note that I have not updated any of your user objects, but it will not automatically switch back to finished anymore.

Marking this bug as completed @Megumin


Can confirm it’s working properly again. Thx so much :slight_smile: