Bug: pressing return in search of your library dumps you into full site search

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If you type into the search box on the “my books” page, it gradually narrows down the results listed as you type, as expected. But if you press return, it suddenly dumps you into the full site search results for that word, rather than the within-your-library search. Here’s a screen recording:

This isn’t the only way that the search-as-you-type and pressing return in the search box seem to interact weirdly. If you hit enter in the main full site search it provokes an unnecessary page reload, and if you do it fast enough you get a brief “issues with our servers” red message:

If the search boxes all do progressive search-as-you-type, should the behaviour on return be disabled entirely?

(Edit: whoops, got the post category wrong when first submitted, have fixed it up by hand.)

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