Bug: Rating shown for favorites is seemingly random

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I would expect the star rating shown to either be the rating of the first volume, rating of the last volume, or average rating across all volumes (since there’s no support for series rating yet). However, it is not consistently any of these. Take a look at some of my favorites below.

  • ひとりぼっちの〇〇生活 shows four stars, but I only gave volume 6 four stars. The rest got five stars.
  • 放浪息子 is similar. It shows four stars, but I only gave volumes 12, 13, and 14 four stars. The rest got five stars.
  • 現実もたまには嘘をつく is different. It shows five stars, which I did give to three of the volumes, but the first volume got four stars.

So it’s really not clear how this is calculated. It seems to just be showing the star rating of a random volume. Personally, I would go with the average until support for series rating is added.

Note that custom lists show the rating from the first volume. It’s probably best for these to be consistent, though I would probably then say to use the average for both instead of the first volume rating for both. It’s not uncommon for a series to get better as it goes on, so it’s a bit of a shame to show off series in your favorites or custom lists just for it to show four stars.

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@brandon Any thoughts on this bug?