Bug report: Lots of series do not show as series on search page

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I’ve seen this plenty of times and reported it to @brandon, but like he suggested it’s probably best just to open a formal bug. Lots of times when I’m searching by author, series I know are series don’t show up as one on the search page:

I’m typically searching by series, so I don’t know if this also happens when searching by title/just browsing.

Trello link:

Request approved. Author names are an issue, agreed.


This seems to happen also on title searches, for example:

There are many books in both the LN and the manga series that have the search string in their title, but the search has neither (a) brought them all up as results nor (b) displayed a series as a result, it’s just returned book 1 in both cases and provided no indication that there are a lot more undisplayed search matches.

If the search produces only some other book in the series (eg book 6) this is doubly confusing, but I’m guessing that only happens when there’s a data issue with the series? (Used to happen with 御宿かわせみ but seems to have been corrected.)

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