Bug report - new items taking unusually long time to populate in search

New books taking unusually long time to populate in search

I recently added both 仮面病棟 and 少女革命ウテナ(July 17th and 18th, it’s currently the 19th in my time zone) and I still cannot find ウテナ in search and clicking 知念実希人’s name brings up their other books but not the one I added.

I’m not sure if this might be the symptom of a larger issue so flagging here.

Sorry Brandon for all the bug reports and feature requests of late!

Trello link: (leave in blank)


I think this might be to do with him being away. I think it requires some sort of input from him to be created in the database.


Oh interesting. I assumed once the entries for the books were created (ie, they have book pages and I can mark my progress) it should already be “available”. But lacking knowledge of the internals I can’t say for sure :sweat_smile:


Nah, once you get the email saying i’ve added the items, it should appear in search. These are odd and worthy of a bug :slight_smile:


Note that アネモネ which you added for me (confirmation email received today) also doesn’t seem to appear in search. seems like it might be the same issue.

Ok, I’m not exactly what fixed it (i hurriedly fixed a few unrelated things today), but now it’s all good. Perhaps will do a post-mortem when I get back.

Please let me know if it happens again, but marking complete! :slight_smile:

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I’ll close this thread if nothing else is reported about this issue within the next 24h, since once I close it, it won’t allow new comments in.


If it helps the post mortem digging the volumes 2+ of ウテナ used to be “ungraded” despite me grading the first volume, but that has also resolved. Didn’t mention it initially as I recall sometimes that’s desired behavior and didn’t want to muddy the discussion

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