Bug Report: Pressing "I finished" changes the update from percentages to pages which messes the timing

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I was updating the book timings in percentages, but for the last update I pressed “I finished” and then added the time. This changed the update to pages and automatically added the “To” as the last page, but kept the percentage from the previous update as the page read “From”.

This also messed up the graph.

I would’ve just changed the page number for the Activity but it looks like we can no longer edit it.
Trello link:

Hmm, sorry about that!

FYI you can edit your reading session. If you go to edit that books data (the additional options popup) and then switch to the ‘data manager’… you should be able to edit that reading session.

Doesn’t fix the bug, i’ll have to try to reproduce. Approved.

Edit: Some screenshots:

  • click additional options
    Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 10.57.19 AM

  • switch to data manager
    Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 10.57.42 AM

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@poseidon9850 @Jintor I think this bug should now be fixed!

Now when you hit ‘finished’ in that ‘update progress’ popup it should now no longer convert to pages. It stays in ‘percentage’ mode.

I think i’ll go ahead and close this bug now. If you have anymore issues or if you don’t think I solved the bug, just ping me in the Product Updates & Casual Natively Discussion thread!

Nice catch though, thanks for logging!