Bug: Safari, clicking on search bar resets search

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On both MacOs 13.5.2 with Safari 16.6 and iPadOs 16.6.1, whenever I enter a search term and click on one of the results that pops up, either via mouse or touch, the search gets reset. If I click on the magnifying glass instead it shows the ‘Browse → All Books’ page, as if I hadn’t entered any search term. Using the keyboard to complete the search works fine.

I’m assuming this isn’t just on my end, but if anyone with access to Safari on MacOs/iPadOs could try this and mention whether it works for them or not I’d be thankful.

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I have had the same bug for a while, but didn’t have time to make a proper bug report. Thank you for doing just that :sweat_smile:


I have the same problem on my phone. I tried using the search on the skipped gradings tab, and when I clicked on the suggestion, it just reset. I had to fully type out the title and hit enter.

My phone’s on iOS 16.6, so I assume that’s the same version of Safari?


well this is not good… approved


Sorry this took me so long to fix! It should be good now :sweat_smile: