Bug: short story not showing up in search/under author name

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A short story has 2 entries, but in search only 1 shows up. Same if you click the author name.


I submitted a “should be merged” request on both entries before realizing that one is a collection and not just the short story… :see_no_evil:
I need a “recall feedback functionality” (j/k)

but then the short story should definitely also show up in search as a seperate entry…

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It might be helpful to have separate tags for “Short Story” (as in, exactly one) and “Short Story Collection” (as in, more than one), I guess.


If I recall correctly, that was already proposed before and then rejected by @brandon
(I may be completely wrong, though)


There was definitely a discussion at some point. For me, it’s usually not a problem… I just had one of those “Didn’t check the fineprint” moments. :see_no_evil:


Same, I remember the conversation, but not the details :melting_face:

About 檸檬, I noticed the cover was wrong and that no one had marked it as read (which made no sense).


I think we didn’t want ‘Short Story’ and ‘Short Story Collection’ simply because we had enough book types as is! However, if you meant a simple tag and not a book type @nikoru i think then I think that could make sense.

I also think having a different title for the short story collection would resolve this particular case.

Whoops, that book was still marked as inactive, but i’ve changed that now. Should be good to go in the next five minutes.


I was talking about the text that is visible below the titles:

TBH labeling a collection with a singular descriptor (i.e. “Short Story” and not “Short Stories”) confuses me a lot because there are many stories contained in it :woman_shrugging:

Well, I mean, the publisher named the collection by the title of one of the contained stories, which is a common phenomenon in Japan, it seems. I don’t think we can change this? Or are you talking about adding “(Short Story Collection)” or something to the title? :face_with_monocle:


Could we revisit this, please? “short story” and “short story collection” are massively different things, especially to language learners where a 5 or 10 page short story might be an achievable reading goal but a 200+ page collection of short stories too daunting. Plus I think it contributes to miscategorisation because “short story” is so clearly not the right label for a complete book.

Personally I would prefer to merge “novel” and “short story collection” and leave “short story” purely as the category for, er, short stories, if we must have only two categories. Or we could have a category for short pieces, both fiction and non fiction, that also encompassed individual essays (but not essay collections).


I’m not keen on merging novels and short story collections because some people really, really don’t like short story collections and I can see them being upset that one is labeled as a novel and they pick it up, but I wouldn’t strongly mind essays and short stories being “short works” or something like that.


Yeah I already don’t really like that one of my books, which has 5 short stories (4 of them near 100 pgs, granted, but they’re still disparate stories, not chapters of a larger one, unlike a couple others I’ve read where they are more like chapters), currently has to be categorized as a LN because it was arbitrarily decided that short stories can only be 50 pages max (which is. not true). It’s not a novel. But then, it’s also not a short story, it’s a collection of 5 short stories, and I also don’t like that singular short stories and collections of short stories are categorized together, because those are also very different. Collections might be less commitment than a novel since you can read one story from it and put it down for a while and it doesn’t matter, but then you still have x many left, unlike a single short story, where you just… read it and are done.

Simpler might often be better, but… not when it causes strife.

As long as collections get their own category, I don’t particularly mind whether all singular short-form pieces are lumped together, especially since we have the Nonfiction tag now. (I have also read one that’s a kid’s book, a short story collection, and nonfiction, but items can only go in one category…)

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Surely the current “anthology” tag could be used for collections of short stories, essays, etc?

I think novels and short story collections are even more different… :sweat_smile:

It would be useful to be able to filter by number of pages, then “short” stories of any length could be categorized as short stories, and the user could decide themselves the length of book they are comfortable reading. It could possibly get rid of the need for a short story category altogether - there’s no novella or novellete category, after all, even though the length of a book is an important metric when considering learners building reading stamina… :thinking:


I don’t strongly want to merge them, I just think it would be better than the status quo if there’s some reason we can’t do the obvious thing of having three categories here and we absolutely must merge two together.

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I think the classification here is sufficiently unreliable that those people would be well advised to cross check the Amazon page or reviews. (Personally I know there are some short story collections in my read books, but I don’t put in “reclassify to short story” requests because to me that is absolutely not the right classification for a short story collection and so I prefer to leave it as the default “novel”.)

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