Bug: shortened review texts don't blur spoiler tags

Description of your request or bug report: Review text spoilers aren’t being blurred when abbreviated review is shown (for long reviews).

Example of ひげひろ review w/ problem

The text after “To elaborate,” should be blurred out. When you click Read More, it blurs properly

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Seconding this; I wrote a short review talking about why I was disappointed with a book, which covers events throughout the book, and all spoilers near that cutoff line are perfectly visible. D:


In case this is helpful: it seems the text is stripped after a certain number of characters, and thus the </Spoiler> closing tag is lost. So then when it gets converted to HTML, the opening <span class="spoiler spoiler-hidden"> never gets generated.


Ah, that does make sense…

Interesting. I wonder what the best way to resolve that is :thinking:

Maybe you still display the whole text, just have the height set and the overflow hidden?


That sounds like a good solution… alternately, if you can do the text stripping after the conversion to HTML has happened, the open <span class="spoiler spoiler-hidden"> tag should just be auto-closed by the browser… but that’s a really hacky way to do things, and your suggested solution is better, imo.