Bug: Spoiler tags are bugged on Firefox

Hi! A few other users and I just noticed that the spoiler tags don’t work on firefox, but only on a book’s page (the one listing all the reviews), if opening the individual reviews from the permalinks, it works just fine however.

For instance, on 夏へのトンネル、さよならの出口’s page, looking at mori’s review, it looks like this on firefox:

Summary version (spoiler alert)

But when looking at the “full” review, it does blur correctly

Full review version

We tested on chrome, and it seems to work just fine so it seems to be a firefox only issue (I cannot try on safari as I don’t have a mac - EDIT: someone tried safari with browserstack and it seems to work correctly here as well).

Thank you!

Yeah, this was discussed in another thread but I think it’s good to have a proper bug report. There is a suggestion that this is perhaps a bug in Firefox (@mic reported it as one), but who knows how long it might take for that to get looked at, fixed and rolled out, so dealing with it on the Natively side is probably faster.


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