Bug switching progress update from percentage to page count

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I started tracking a book in percentage and wanted to switch to page count for the next session. I went to do a progress update, made the switch from percentage to pages, and didn’t notice that the number of pages wasn’t replaced and stayed at the previous percentage. (not sure if this is clear, basically percentage was initially at 8% aka 24 pages, but after doing my progress update it was “read pages 8-31” instead of 24-31)

I ended up going into the data manager to fix it, so no big deal, but it’d be nice if page count automatically replaced the percentage number in those cases, and vice-versa.

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So, believe it or not, this is pretty standard practice from what I can tell. I believe the last time I checked, both GoodReads and TheStoryGraph did this. In general, I can understand that both ways could be confusing. Usually, you don’t want to be changing user input.

If we were to do this, I’d think we’d have to light up the input green and maybe have a note… similar to how the page count gets updated when you mark something finished.

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