Bug: Wrong cover for series

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I’ve noticed that series pages sometimes don’t display the cover of the first book, but some other volume’s cover instead. I have submitted feedback asking for a correction for this particular example: VIP (series) | L30?? has the cover of volume 2 for the series cover rather than volume 1.

In this case, I added a book (volume 2) not realising it was part of a series, the other volumes were later added manually, and even though the order was corrected, the series cover wasn’t updated.

I can’t find an example of this at the moment, but I’ve also noticed that if I’ve added a new book that’s not the first volume of a series, it’s the added book that is used as the display cover for the series, rather than the first volume.

Basically, this is a request for the series cover to always be the first volume of a series, and if the item order changes (whether manual or through sync), that the cover update to the current item #1, and that it also updates in user libraries, lists, etc.

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