Bulk add/edit items

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It would be useful to be able to add or edit items in bulk using checkboxes rather than completing the action separately for each book. For example:

  • Adding a series to my books: If you want to add a whole series to your library, you currently have to add them one by one. It would be easier if you could go to the series page, “select all” > “add to wish list” (or any other list)
  • Adding items to a list: When I make a new custom list, I have to edit each item individually in order to add it to the list, which can be a bit time-consuming. Being able to check a box next to the items you want and adding them in one go would be quicker. Similarly, moving several items from one list to another (such as from ‘wish list’ to ‘owned’ due to a book haul) or removing items from a custom list would be easier with checkboxes.

I don’t know how useful/feasible it would be for other actions, such as removing from ‘my books’ or planned items like rereads, but maybe something to think about.

Trello link:

I think you’re right that we’ll eventually want bulk editing. I actually used to have it but no one used it and it really complicated the UI so I took it out.

Once we have a number of use cases for it though (private tagging, more custom list functionality, more users), I think it will make sense.