Bunpro Book Clubs

Just found this out, but apparently Bunpro is forming its own book clubs! Seems like they’re planning features on collecting vocab and grammar to make into decks users can study from, which is super neat.

Question for @brandon: we’ve been adding links to WK book clubs on Natively, but do we want to expand that to Bunpro as well? I figured WK clubs were added because so many of LN’s early users came from there, but that’s not the case with Bunpro. Is the goal for LN to be an aggregate of as many book club links as possible, or do we want to limit it?


I’ve been quite disconnected from those forums, didn’t know Book Clubs were happening.

IMHO it’s good to know and maybe with the Book Club utility, it will be useful for scheduling also for external sites?


Also if any of the Bunpro folks come here and see this post: Hello, welcome! New people always welcome in our clubs :grin::wave: and new clubs also welcome, naturally


Between Natively, Wanikani and Bunpro having book clubs, I’m sort of tempted to build a meta-book club tracker now lol.



This is Asher, one of the Bunpro team guys :blush:

Cheers for letting the community here know about our book clubs @eefara! Yep, you’re right that we have a few additional features in the works as well, like collation of vocab decks through using a tool that we’re currently building for that exact purpose. It should be capable of roughly autograding things as well in the future based on percentages of certain vocab etc.

Also thanks for giving Natively a shout out on our forums as well :sunglasses:. I want to encourage our users to make use of the grading system etc when making suggestions, and also when looking for new things that they may want to read!

Believe it or not, I actually already swung through a message to Brandon a few days back through the on-site contact just to introduce myself and let him know that we were doing book clubs at Bunpro now too. I also stated that it would be great to collab together in some way, but I will leave that with him :blush:.

Any veteran book clubbers here, feel free to pop in on the Bunpro forums as well at any time and make suggestions as we learn to manage our groups and books better over the coming weeks!

Hope you’re all having a rad day! :partying_face:


Hiiii! :smiling_face: I don’t exactly come from the Bunpro forums, but am pretty regular there too!


Hey guys! That’s very exciting. Haven’t gotten back to you @Asher but will do so soon!

I’m certainly not opposed to linking, however, I’d probably wait until either I chat with @Asher more or I can see what the book clubs end up being like. Wanikani was already an established book club culture and very prominent, which is why I felt comfortable linking to them.

I love Bunpro though, so I’m sure you all will end up doing a good job! :slight_smile:


Just a note that vocab decks for Bunpro’s first book club books have started to pop up: Decks | Bunpro (under the Non-JLPT tab). No clue if that’ll show up to someone not logged in, sorry. orz