Change 'light novel' to 'young adult' for non-Japanese languages

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I’m sure this has been discussed before somewhere, but since LN is a Japanese genre, it seems more suitable for other languages on Natively to have a YA category instead. The LN category in other languages makes it a bit confusing, as it seems like it is specifically for translations of Japanese LNs, so YA books are classed as either children’s books or novels, when a YA category seems more appropriate.

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I completely agree! With the Spanish fiction bookclub I set up, at the start, I made a poll to see which type of book everyone would like to read. I went with light novel instead of YA as a category, to stick with Natively’s, and most people were confused.

I also think a lot of YA books get classified as novels, and I feel like part of that is because the actually appropriate category is called LN instead of YA.