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I have arrived! And like @Naphthalene promised, words are actually said and acknowledged out loud. Well, as acknowledged as we’re likely to get for a while.

So it’s confirmed that 羅漢 is 猫猫’s father. Based on 猫猫’s answer to 壬氏’s question of “how do you make a prostitute’s worth go down”, it’s starting to sound like the situation might be closer to: 羅漢 for some reason decided that the best course of action was to get 猫猫’s mother pregnant; whether he loved her or not is up in the air. The text seems to want to paint him as a more nefarious character, but I’m going to try my best to keep an open mind so I don’t get tricked (too easily). She has 猫猫, falling in status and becoming desperate, which is presumably how she ended up with syphilis. I’m also not entirely sure why 緑青館 still keeps her around; I’m trying to remember if 猫猫 said anything specific to that effect before.

羅漢 is looking to meet 猫猫; she knows of his existence and, for some yet-unspecified reason, detests him. I figure the two will eventually meet; only question is if it’s going to happen this volume or not…

I’m also curious if this topic is going to be dropped for a few chapters and then come back to; I’m a bit surprised it’s hung around, given the series’ usual one-and-done proclivity, but I’m enjoying it so far!