Clearer Current Page Handling

Description of your request or bug report: As of right now, if you try to enter that you just read one page or part of page, the system returns an error. To get around it, you must incorrectly enter two pages, which leads to inaccuracy. Please make it so we can enter a page or less. Thanks!

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Hope you’ll forgive my sticking my nose in here, but the discussion in the other thread with @brandon left me a little confused and wondering if you were talking past each other, and I’m curious about what exactly the missing feature here is. Of these scenarios, which ones are you asking for?

  1. I want to record that I read a single page, and it’s the single page immediately after the last one I read (eg I already read pages 1-26 and today I want to record just page 27)
  2. I want to record that I read a single page from the middle of the book even though I haven’t read up to that yet (eg page 26 is the first ever page I read in the book, or I read 1-10 earlier but now I skip forward and read page 50)
  3. I generically want to record reading of random sections in the book, eg I read pages 25-40 and 120-130
  4. I read pages 1-25 earlier, and now I want to record that I read just half of page 26
  5. I read pages 1-25 earlier, and now I want to record that I skipped ahead and read just half of page 50

At least, it sounded to me like @brandon was saying the system restriction is about recording reading progress in non-consecutive parts of the book (i.e. items 2, 3, 5 on the list don’t work, but 1 does), but this request seems like it’s about single page updates of any kind (i.e. items 1 and 3) and half-page updates (4, 5) and the non-consecutive part doesn’t matter? (I would have thought that 1 works already, but haven’t tested it…)


Primarily, I’d like to see 1 implemented, but since that doesn’t already work, 4/5 seem like they’d also be possible if 1 is fixed. Since I’m reading a book that has about 1 entry per day/page, I’d like to be able to record my progress. As of right now, you can’t enter “Read page 30.” You’d have to say “Read from page 29 to 30” or “Read from page 30 to 31”

3 seems to already work. Real life case usage- I’ve read JoJo Part 5 already, but I’m currently reading Part 4 now. Part 5 starts about halfway through volume 47.

You can see Natively doesn’t show any percent as complete. Personally that doesn’t bother me, so someone else can request that if they want.


My impression is that this is just how Natively displays one page updates, in the same way a 10 page update displays as “from page 20 to 30” (in other words, “from X to Y” means “read (Y-X) pages”). This is clearest in the first update of a book, which starts on the nonexistent “page zero”. I agree it’s pretty confusing, though, and most obviously odd when you read exactly one page at a time. Maybe there’s a better way to show this in the UI.


As @pm215 mentioned, you can do 1 page updates just fine, but it’s very confusing how it asks you where you started and when you finish, and afterwards how it’s displayed to the user.

Sometimes I have to double think if what it wants from me is the last page I read, or the first page I have to read next.

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Since I also regularly get confused about that… which is it again? :sweat_smile:

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I’ve always read it as “the last page I ended on”. Book page updates have never confused me, while video timestamp updates always have, for whatever reason.


So just to clarify: if you finish up a paragraph that coincidentally also ends a page, or a chapter (maybe one with a blank page or so after it, even!), you input the page you last read?

Yep. So if I read through page 59, flip the page, see page 60 is blank, then flip another page and see chapter three starts on page 61, I put page 60 as my updated page total.

And for what it’s worth, if I stop partway through a page, I don’t count that page as having been read. So if I get to page 4, read halfway through and decide I’m done, I update my page count to page 3.

I do try to avoid stopping partway through a page, though; if I read a little bit more, then my numbers go up even higher. :eyes:

Edit: Looking back at the wording on the page update widget, I think it was more of an accident/assumption that I landed on that system, though. :thinking: I probably read the update verbiage, assumed one thing, then never sat down to think it through. It’s not really clear what page it’s technically asking for. Now that I’m re-reading it, I’d be tempted to say it’s technically more correct to input the current page you’re reading. So with my first example, I should be putting 61 instead of 60…

Ah well.


FWIW, I do the same; it just seems more natural to input the page you’ve finished reading… :relieved:


I disagree. If 1 pages or 2 pages look exactly the same in entry, then it’s not a good solution. If I read 2 pages, say 13-14, then ok, I enter start 13 and end 14. If I read page 14 only, then I put ??? The entries will appear the same, even though they’re not.

As per @pm215’s comment:

If you read 13-14, you enter 12-14 (you started after page 12)

For just 14, you put 13-14.

If you read just page 1 (the cover? but anyway), you would put 0-1, which is apparently allowed by the system.

That goes against common logic/practice.

If you get a homework assignment from a teacher, like say “Do all the exercises on pages 12-14.” You’re supposed to do the ones on page 12 as well. Similarly, “Read pages 26-38” doesn’t mean you should start on 27.

So, the system does treat the ‘current page’ as the page you’ve ‘finished’… but I agree the current system could be specified clearer, in addition to @DIO-Berry’s suggestion of allowing single pages.

More chat on Current Page

Perhaps just changing the label ‘Current Page’ to ‘Finished Page’ would solve that issue, but the ‘Current Page’ parlance is pretty common it seems. I think that most trackers kinda treat this the same as I do… yeah people might put the page that they’re currently on, rather than just finished, but it doesn’t matter that much in the end. It’s just an off-by-one error in the session data. If you finish the book, the page data will be correct.

Certainly open to opinions on this though. The reason it’s currently configured as ‘Finished Page’ is so that once you finish the book, then the ‘Current Page’ can equal the ‘Total Pages’ of the book… which is nice for data handling.


I think @Naphthalene was just saying there are ways to currently do it in the system, which is correct. But yes, definitely confusing, which is why this request is a thing :slight_smile:


I think the comment was more aimed at you, since you are the one who designed the system, not me :sweat_smile:

I guess @DIO-Berry probably has been incorrectly recording their pages read for a while… and I assume they are not the only one.


While it’s nice to be heard and understood now, it seems even if there are other people who took “page started” to literally mean page started, no one else is bothered enough by this to want it changed.

No real resolution here. I think at least we should have better guidelines around ‘Current Page’. Perhaps we just change this ticket to ‘Clearer Current Page Handling’? And simply specify it indicates ‘pages finished’?

Not sure.

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If you just had the “start page” labelled as “last page read,” that would work wouldn’t it?