Confusing labels in Partial Episode progress update form

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This is kind of a UX nitpick but today I was trying to add a partial episode progress update and parsed the form incorrectly:


This is my first time using this feature. When I saw this screen I initially parsed this to be “the progress of the current episode”, so “Current episode: 1 min 6 seconds” instead of “Episode 1, 6 minutes”. I initially filled this in as 6, 30 and only realized my mistake when it marked 6 episodes as finished.

I also totally missed the fact that the small text reading “Episode 1: 24 minutes” changes when you update the episode number.

This was probably just a brain fart on my part, but I think it would add more clarity if the field labels were more like the Basic Info page (with the colons) or more spaced out so that the “Min” is not so close to the episode number field.


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