Dashboard: Display next book in a series after you've finished one

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When you’re currently reading something you get a nice entry on your dashboards reading section to update it. However after you finished the book, if you want to read the next one you always have to painstakingly go to the search > look for the series > pick the next one (or any other route to get here), this is especially annoying for Manga if you read an entire volume (or more) a day. I’d love if the next book in the series (maybe only if you marked it as Owned?) would be right there to update it, similar to this maybe:

(just marked as reading in this case)

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If this becomes a thing, I’d rather a popup saying if I want to add it to reading before it does, or alternatively a setting to change this behaviour.


I’m not suggesting that the book gets automatically added as reading, just that there is some way to easily get the next entry instead of going through the process of going into the series overview. In my head there could be for instance another panel below this one titled “Read next” which just happens to suggest (from the books you marked as owned) the next entry in the series if you just completed it (or maybe a level appropriate next thing to read in general). Although being able to remove such suggestions would probably be a good idea, because I might not want to continue something and having it front and center permanently could be annoying.


Maybe something like a checkbox or something inside the Update window when you select “I’m finished”?

Presumably so you can add it again as “Reading”? While definitely an improvement, if you’d want to read something else next by the time you’re back to wanting to continue the series you were reading beforehand you have to go through the entire process again (going to the series overview → selecting the next book again) unless you’d want to have it on “Reading” the entire time despite not reading it, while my suggestion would still feature the next book prominently somewhere on the dashboard. The website knows which books I own, I almost feel like its a shame to not make use of that knowledge somehow :slight_smile:.

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I think that this shouldn’t be in the ‘currently reading’ section. Rather, it falls into just general ‘what to read next’ suggestions, which could be a separate section on the dashboard or a separate page entirely.

A good idea though! Let’s add this as a speculative feature. Approved.