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This may sound like a silly suggestion, but using the same favicon on both Natively and the forums makes me gets browser tabs mixed up when I have both open. Additionally, I haven’t added the forums to my bookmark bar because I wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from the main Natively bookmark. For that reason, having a different favicon for the forums would be nice.

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I actually played around with the moon favicon (main site footer image) like you suggested, but it didn’t work perfectly on a white background (also didn’t work on a white browser). Tried to make a silhouette, but wasn’t 100% straightforward so dropped it.

I agree it’d be nice.

That’s a shame. It’s such a cool picture.

By “silhouette”, do you mean you trying taking the transparent portion from the original and coloring it in blue? I just tried it in Paint (that’s about the extent of my abilities in this area), and yeah, it looks pretty terrible…



Anyway, this certainly isn’t that important. Just figured I’d get the request officially in for tracking purposes. Maybe whoever made the footer can make you a colored version eventually. :laughing:

You know, I think when I played around with this I didn’t do the blue background because I thought it wasn’t different enough. I was trying to make a dark moon and a light person in front.

I could potentially just do what you did here, hmm. Can simply use a screenshot of the footer image and scale down to favicon size :joy:

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Why didn’t I think of that? :joy: (I literally just did it to show the comparison, and even then it didn’t occur to me.)

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What do you think..?


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Yeah I think that looks good! I think it’d look even better on dark browsers too.

I know we talked about a few other changes too (changing ‘Natively’ header in forums to something more fun), but will probably just do the favicon for this ticket.


As this was so easy, I went ahead and did it :slight_smile:

I will say that i’m not entirely satisfied with the ‘light theme’ large logo for the forum. Also, there’s too much white for the light theme… maybe needs a dark blue header and my tan background like the main site. We’ll see.

Dark theme for forums is looking pretty good now though!


@here This is now finished. (see previous message)

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