Display reading/finished users on item page

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It would be useful to be able to see who is reading/watching an item and who has finished it. Clicking on reading/finished takes you to ‘activity’, and although you can scroll through, many users have multiple updates, so it’s not easy to see who is reading/has read it.


I’d like it if clicking the link took you to a section that showed the users in the reading/finished stats, perhaps similar to how discourse displays votes:

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(Anonymous placeholders for users that have their activity set to private so the numbers add up)

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I agree completely. I think the current behavior is close to useless due to information overload in the activity section.

I’d say this information (however it’s displayed) shouldn’t be based on activity at all. It should be based on user lists since that is the actual source of truth. The anonymous placeholder case can still be used for users that have their list set to private.


Agreed with all the comments.

I do thing that the ‘reading session’ activities are nice, but all the status update activities aren’t particularly interesting and what users have it marked ‘finished/reading/wish list… etc’ is better served by a different UI as you guys are describing.