Ebook Reader Recommendations/ Experiences

Not necessarily. Kobos run linux, Pocketbook probably does too.

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ah, it doesn’t have vertical text. that’s probably why I skipped it. nvm, I have my tablet now anyways, but thank you. :+1:

You can add vertical text with a plug-in and a rotated font, and works quite well.

If you are ever interested hit me up.

This is running it on my kobo:


@Megumin koreader?

Currently using tts-reader and yomitan on my e-reader. It’s pretty good but some quirks of ttsu-reader that are annoying me (doesn’t keep my last read position, doesn’t always update).

Is koreader a better alternative? Or you use it as its best option for kobo?

i really wish you could highlight text in ttsu.

have you checked the settings? because it does, usually.

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Didn’t explain myself clearly. Sometimes when I flick between the pages, it doesn’t update the % in the bottom corner. It ‘usually’ remembers my position, though sometimes kicks me back to the chapter’s beginning. I’m using the ‘newer’ version of the reader btw.


ttsu is not an option on my e-reader. I use it on my tablet from time to time, but I’m trying to move to full e-reader, although my lookups are a bit slower.

Koreader is quite solid experience on my Kobo after tweaking some stuff for the first time, like the tateyomi and how fast you want it to respond for look-ups.


ttsu i find i have to press the bookmark button to reliably keep my position, otherwise it’s a bit of a crapshoot. I haven’t invested in fully tweaking my reading experience though yet.

(At least on my Android wrapper for ttsu) there’s a setting in the options to auto set a bookmark after a few seconds on the page. It rarely misses it for me and has been a lifesaver since I found the option.


I have set it up to put the bookmark on current page after a few seconds, that works well enough for me.

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