Edit: Handling of contents with age restrictions

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Requesting to have a special Adult/R-18 tag for such content.
This should make those items not surface for people that have disabled it in settings and/or display a warning, like Amazon does, to confirm if you are an adult.

I’m not sure if this information can be scrapped from Amazon, or the R-18 prompt is something only displayed to the end user and not available in the API.

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…and maybe also find some resource to add them for movies and TV programs; so far I added the tags: PG12 and R15+.

Until now, R18+ contents wasn’t interesting enough to watch it to the end, as horror movies that fall in that category e.g. in Germany are just R15+ in Japan.

I’ll be blunt, there’s a lot of ecchi crap i want to read and log but i don’t necessarily want it to clog up other people’s feeds. Supported


Considering we have tags now, this seems like it should be relatively easy to implement?

Just wanted to bump this, bc two of my recent books have covers with partial nudity that I decided to hide, out of consideration for ppl who might not want that to pop up on their feed (particularly if they’re at work or something)

I don’t think that’s really ideal though, since it puts the onus on the reader, and hides it from people who would like to see it


but this will probably just be R15+ (because nudity is just ‘partial’), so will not fall under this request, at least not in its strict sense.

I think this request is basing on content and not book cover per se anyway?

Even if those specific titles might not be covered, I still think it’s an important/useful functionality for the site to have. If there’s a setting to filter out R18+, it seems like including a toggle for R15+ would fit under the same product request.


OK, then we could add a filter for PG12 contents as well, as their might be parents who want to find stuff that they can let their children watch without qualms.

Edit: I changed the title.


This request isn’t based on the covers.

However just to chime in on this part though, I’d be happy if there was an option to blur covers with nudity in addition to a separate setting for display of R18 content in general. I’m on here almost exclusively while I’m at work.