"Exclude temporary ratings" doesn't exclude temporary gradings 🫠

Description of your request or bug report:

Selecting the “exclude temporary ratings” filter in book or video search has no effect - all items are shown rather than (I assume) ‘no results’.

  • Fix filter so temporary gradings are excluded
  • Hide “exclude temporary ratings” filter for Korean while it’s in beta?
  • Add new filter for items “graded by at least 1 user”?

Trello link:

This could be because those gradings aren’t actually temporary even though the ?? is forced since Korean is in beta. That’s what happened with videos when that was in beta at least. The checkbox actually did hide temporary gradings, you just couldn’t visually distinguish the regular gradings from the temporary ones.


what @seanblue says is right and will only happen in languages in Beta. However, I do think this is a UI issue worthy of being raised. Approved.


This seems to have been fixed so I’ll be marking it as complete and close the thread.