Games that have received the 小説化/漫画化 treatment


I thought I’d ask if anyone else knows of games that have been turned into a novel or manga?

I think it would be a cool idea to play the game first and then read the book or vice versa.

Here are ones that I’ve found:

If anyone knows of any others, please mention them. Eventually, this can be turned into a list.


Are you looking for books of manga that follow the game’s storyline, or also for those that are set in or inspired by it?

In any case there’s this: it deviates in characterization and story development but is unmistakenly digital devil saga.


And a bunch of Manga too, too much to list

We are starting the Ch. 1 of this game in a club if anyone wants to join


I think all of those would be useful :+1:

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I have two from the game Jack Jeanne.

This one’s an adaptation of the beginning of the game up to the first performance.

This one’s extra stories that take place during the game but aren’t actually included in the game’s story.

There’s a third one that’s been announced recently but no release date yet.


Oh, there’s a ton of these. Dragon Quest, Tales of, Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Pretty much for sure any big (and quite a few mid-size) JRPG is very likely to have some sort of adaption, even if it’s only a 4koma collection. Try searching the “Adaption” tag on Natively; I’ve been adding that one as I find adaptions from video games.

Here are some random ones:


Fate/Stay Night - which is getting a release/remaster this year

Fate/Extra, Tsukihime, Fate/Grand Order, etc


Are you specifically down only for games that turned into other media or do mix media franchises also interest you?
As in franchises where the games intertwine with novels and manga of the same franchise in characters and timeline


For another original story set in the world of a game, I really liked this two volume Ni no Kuni series.

Also would be remiss not to mention the various Legend of Zelda manga here


That sounds interesting actually. So my idea with this is that playing the game in japanese and reading the books would pair up nicely for a better immersion experience. So I think what you mentioned would fit that.


In that case, 五等分の花嫁 has 3 games… SAO has many games, DanMachi, Tower of God, Fate, many others as well


Then I would love to recommend the project .hack// franchise!
It’s a personal favorite of mine and while some of the merch is hard to get a hold of it’s still a lot of fun!
Plus if you’re old enough to remember the early 2000’s clearly it’s a really funny experience playing hack//G.U, it will give you a huge nostalgia vibe lol

Side note in case you will want to get started: you don’t need to clear the 1st part of the project to enjoy the second, there are many references but they stand for themselves

Also you will notice that the first part is really hard to obtain, even in japanese second hand stores
The second part is still fresh enough that you have a ton of access to things

There is a great post in reddit that has a map of the overall timeline in the 2 parts of the project


Oh boy, are you telling me I’m missing a light novel in my .hack// massive collection?

I highly recommend the light novels, I really enjoyed the context of the games after playing them. It gives a lot of insight and is very interesting how everything is linked.



The fact that you have this collection amazes me, that must have been so much effort :star_struck::sob:
I honestly respect thee :pleading_face::bowing_man:

Hopefully one day me too (working on it lol🥲)


By any chance do you have an ISBN or link to this work?
It’s the first time I heard about it and I’m ashamed of it.

My .hack// collection is pretty massive.
I have The World magazines and all. And until now I though I had all novels in English and Japanese…


Seems like it might be an online thing only?

Edit 2:

Google being scary and playing a .hack// track in a shuffle playlist :rofl:


TIL .hack has novels (I’ve only seen the various anime, but know about the games)… 面白い


The novels are very good. And it’s interesting to see the characters life “offline” while you see the online by playing the games or in other media such as the manga.

What I didn’t like so much was .hack//Link. It seemed like a lazy reuse of characters with a MC that I just didn’t click with.


Do any of them feature the characters from .hack//SIGN?

Without spoiling much everything is connected one way or the other.
Probably the closest for characters of .hack//SIGN to appear would be .hack//AI Buster

I should really revisit all novels and refresh everything


I just noticed .hack// Another Birth Vol. 4 is out of place, fixing it now :melting_face:.


I kinda want to get these but not sure I’d find them all here.
I liked the .hack games when I got them originally when first released in the UK.

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