General Activity Logging

Description of your request or bug report:
Allow users to add to their stats in a flexible way, so that things not supported in Natively could be tracked.

Fields in this data type:

  • type of action (Reading, Speaking, Watching, Listening… etc)
  • one line description of activity (iTalki Lesson, HelloTalk, NHK News… etc)
  • type of stat to track (pgs, minutes etc)
  • stat value (how much you did… ie. the amount of pages)
  • (optional) amount of time
  • (optional) note

Ideally, we’d have some quick shortcuts for repeated activities.

This would probably replace blank book functionality.

This would allow you to add to your stats, but wouldn’t be a good progress tracker / media sharing mechanism. Hopefully though it’d allow you to completely track all your language learning activity if so desired (too intense for my taste, but i think many would appreciate!)

As this would be a general utility and somewhat custom, it could potentially be confusing for new users.

Let me know your thoughts

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It would be nice if you had some “templates” (e.g. in a drop-down menu) that would automatically fill some of those fields.
For instance, you could have the default types (“books”, “video”) and a few more (“visual novel”, “video game”, “blog post”, …) and finally “custom” that leave the user completely free.

Otherwise, it sounds like a good plan! The blank book thing is a bit obsolete now that there are multiple media types.


I was imagining that you choose the type of activity (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Watching, Playing… etc) and then that configures the stat type for you (Speaking / Listening / Watching / Playing only allows time spent, Reading could be pages or chapters with an optional time parameter).

I could also do it by media type like you’re suggesting, but I think that has a longer tail of options and would be more confusing ? :thinking:

Granted, what would you do for reading along with an audiobook? Not sure.

Definitely is a bit more confusing, but I think I can make something that makes sense.

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I was just talking about templates/presets.
The interface is exactly as you said, but there’s something at the top that give you the options I said.
If you select “book”, the system autofills “reading” and “pages” (and potentially puts “book” as description)
If you select “audiobook” (assuming you make it a preset), you would get “listening” and “minutes”.

In terms of GUI, editing any of those two fields could automatically change the preset to “custom” to make it more consistent, but that’s optional.

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